//////// UNGEMÜTLICH IV ////////

Performance Encounter MARSEILLE // BERLIN

Event organised by Frédéric Krauke, support by GŒTHE Institute, EMBOBINEUSE

UNGEMÜTLICH IV from frederic krauke.

MARSEILLE @ Embobineuse

• September 24. 2016

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Artists invited :

From Berlin :
• Frédéric Krauke
• Beate Linne
• Günther Schaefer
• Mathieu Sylvestre
• Moran Sanderovich
• Zabo Chabiland
• Turnip
From Marseille :
• Mélodie Duchesne
• Nora Neko
• Les Statonells
• Anaïs Poulet
Mathias Richard


" UNGEMÜTLICH " is a performance encounter, conceived, performed and curated by Frédéric Krauke

friction – potential – respect

When little space remains for the many,
When proximity provokes,
When the insistence of the one displaces others,
Things then become uncomfortable.

We will be witnesses to the zenith.
High cultures perish due to the exploitation of resources.
Belief in some one truth gives rise to conflict.
Ideologies and gods, realities and convictions, ideas and bodies smash up against one another.
Debasement, hunger, and hopelessness generate fear, poverty, and inhumanity.
The grimace of fanaticism horrifies the world.
Humankind stands before an evolutionary step of being fused between technology and information.

To survive with dignity, humankind need to communicate, to exchange, and respect.
Freedom of expression requires integrity.


A structured form of performance and the interlinking of various media and forms of presentation are the focus of the examinations of the artists participating in UNGEMÜTLICH. They understand the constraints based that result from collective use of limited space as a challenge and perspective for individual interpretations and interactions. In essence, everyone is oneself; they encounter one other on the periphery.

UNGEMÜTLICH comprises several performances that are all related to :
1. The theme, UNGEMÜTLICH
2. General ideas of body, empathy, and contemporaneity
3. Individuality and the circumstances given by the place
4. The general work of the participants

On the edges, on the periphery, the beginnings and ends of the different works flow into one another. The end of the previous performance is also the beginning of the following one. The formal, visual, and conceptual aspects of one work become linked to the other, as does the music, as well. The participants in the event are invited to work together and communicate with each other. There are no breaks in between the performances, no announcements by a moderator. Together, the various performances each become a chapter of a story that will be told just this once – on the evening of the event.