//////// GREED ////////

Performance by Frédéric Krauke
with Mélodie Duchesne & Mathieu Sylvestre

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" DIVERSE UNIVERSE : Performance European Tour "

ESTONIA • Tallinn @ Kunstihonnes / Art Hall • April 15th, 2015

Curated by NON GRATA, Photo : N G, Mari Kartau, Mats Õun

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• Video report on Kultuur.Err.Ee
• Article on Prisk
• Article on Sirp
• Frédéric Krauke
• Mélodie Duchesne
• Mathieu Sylvestre

The performance “ GREED ” is a concept by Frédéric Krauke with the cooperation of the performance artist Mélodie Duchesne and the noise artist Mathieu Sylvestre
Those days our modern societies are highly marked by the ideas and rules of liberalized, uncontrolled, capitalistic economic principals, the believe in a constantly increasing grow of production, sources, goods, consumption and satisfaction for everyone. We are told by media and taught by education and propaganda, that this is the truth and indicates a living as a sophisticated population. The constant increase could be possible for everyone, last never-ending and means the sake for eternity. Everything that would question or negate this new “holy-roles-of-exsitence” is from yesterday, is rotten, uncivilized, wrong, evil.

This new laws, were put in the mind of the powerful ones world-wide in the 20th centuries by a elite for elites and not for the good of the world population. Today we see the disaster, the pre-akocalytic suffering, the irreparably damage of culture and life that those lies have caused. Its concepts are unnatural, since live always proceeds in cycles and waves, not in an endless increasing diagonal. Combined with the manipulation of the people by media to seek satisfaction in endless consumption to increase the desire for having everything, everytime and everywhere leads to a madness of greed. Human kind has let a minority, that are in charge of economic and political power, become our new gods.
Finally in the next years, they will have corrupted, decreased and wipe out the last representatives of a time of other thinking and behavior, that have lasted for thousands and thousands of years on this planet and are the original holder of the resources. The rest, the majority of the so well civilized human being, has become the new global-productions-slaves or the blind-consumption-whores.

Most of humans of the 21th centurie will find themself in unwilling suffering or in a self-chosen, painful catharsis --- the history of human is written in blood and has reach his climax soon.
Let's put hope in the renewal bringing power of the fire.

F. Krauke