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Installation & Performance

COG_LAB " (2015 • FINLAND, Jakobstab @ Artopus Festival / SPAIN, Bilbao @ MEM Festival)

Artopus Festival • Performances & Workshop Encounter

ENG - “ COG_LAB ” is an installation and performance, including visual arts & mix-medias (video projection, lighting effects), and invests the performative acts thanks to the body experimentation and vocal improvisation.
Building a complex and immersive interior space, a kind of labyrinth, which wants to solicit the participant actively. Playing with shifting positions, inciting, perhaps, some gravity displacements?
Metaphorically, interested by the “instinctive cognition” and multiple trajectories, from the perception, sensation, focused on phenomenological aspect...? An elementary knowledge possible and his “Chain reaction” that is experimented and could revealed by itself, as a “spacetime” unpredictable ?

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ESP - “ COG_LAB ” es una instalación y performance, que integra medios plásticos y visuales (video-proyección, efectos de luces), en un acto performativo de expresión corporal e improvisación vocal. Construyendo un espacio interior complejo, inmersivo, este laberíntico, es buscando la interacción del espectador a través de juegos de desplazamientos...
Metafóricamente se interesa a la “cognición instintiva” y los varios trayectos, como percepción, sensación, bajo los aspectos fenomenológicos como posibles conocimientos elementales, y el “feedback” que se experimenta y podría llevarse en un “espacio-tiempo” impredecible ?

FINLAND • Jakobstad / Novia Pietarsaari
June 5-6, 2015
Cognitive Labyrintus
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"ARTOPUS FESTIVAL 2015 •  Campus Allengro, Jakobstad / Novia Pietarsaari
Installation & Performance • 5 & 6 of june 2015


Working with tridimensional surfaces, the installation proposes a spatial device to embezzle the frontality and usual distance between the audience & performer. By building a labyrinth, as a non-conventional path to access, it suggests for enter a careful attention.

Starting the obscurity and phosphorescent construction during the performance are solicitations to dynamize the relationship for a viewer-active, and play with, that is providing an interactive zone.

disturbing This installation is working with the tridimensional surfaces, and proposes a spatial device for integrate a performance. More specifically, interested by the attempt to embezzle the usual distance between the audience and artist in the spectacle, I’m searching to build an interactive zone, a kind of propitious hotspot to divert the perspective of the one who penetrates into the device, and possibly, dynamize the relationship for a viewer-active.

Working with black lights, only the target tissue goes out of the darkness. The installation wants to play with these white scores and experience the rhythms, lines in an immersive composition that is expanding on the walls, floor and ceiling. With the black lights, a visual effort should be made first, by entering in the installation, in which a maze of wires, obstructions of passages focus acuity and attention of the participant.



* COGNITIVE LABYRINTUS * title of proposal
By cognition we usually describe the whole of mental processes that are related to the knowledge of the function such as memory, language, reasoning, learning, intelligence, determination, perception or attention. Scientifically, we can distinguish the mental processes, comparing to those relate to emotional or affective function, having no consideration of rational knowledge.

In the performative process, although the device is written accurately and determined by the spatial context, rough layout, or intent of the body of the performer, it still remains to find out what always escapes, the part of life, exchanges among those called to share the same “space-time”. These labyrinths, where each interpretation become singular. Each one with its feel, meaning, history and/or his personal drift that results from all this. A alive set.

In this proposal, it calls me the contradiction between science, which by definition must be effective, and the performative act, which connects other parameters, more or less structural, sometimes unexpected. Similarly, it interests and always surprises me, which can be integrated as knowledge, a transmision more “primitive”, which establish a dialogue without using verbal way, but through the active observation, the acuity of perceptions. And perhaps, it’s done by that we call “Feedback”, to create these bridges or “boomerang” effects : Action > Impact > New positioning > Re-generated...?

About the language, using it in the abstract way, by vocal improvisation, voice without words, sounds, noises, whispers, shouts, screams... And also, with video projection, give an aleatory pulse synthesizing binary systems, in reflection digital media we use, such as interaction, socialization in our daily needs.

Performance nor exactly danced, nor in the theater, but thanks to the presence of the body and posture, looking for possible means to try transmission forms, communication...? Questioning how dialogue could be exist without discursive form...? So, in the darkness, stands up a headless figure ...


This performance is an experience with the physical space, playing with 3D, the composition of which seeks to move both, the positioning of the performer, but also of those who integrate the device, and thus deflect verticallity perceptions or gravity center of the body negotiating with obstacles.

Into the darkness, the visibility will appear as a moving spectrum, and rolling out the phosphorecent bobbin, it will develop lights on reflective surface points, building an ephemeral circuit. Difficulty to see in the entire space tends to favor other senses, like touch relationship to objects.

Also, the acoustic sound will do a guide at action, let expand resonance.


MEM (MusicaExMachina) - International Experimental Arts Festival

• Curated by MEM

• with the support of

Exhibition Hall,
Plaza de la Cantera, 4,

Installation & Performance
• November 15th, 2015

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El Festival MEM defiende la pluridisciplinaridad a través de proyectos transgresores. MEM combina lo internacional con lo local buscando un diálogo fructífero entre los diferentes artistas participantes; acercar a Bilbao propuestas que se hacen en otros puntos del planeta y a la vez mostrar dentro del mejor marco algunas de las producciones locales más interesantes. El modo en el que MEM presenta y trabaja es una parte importante de su apuesta e identidad.

MEM es un festival organizado desde y para Bilbao, es por esto que su identidad y campo de interés están totalmente ligados al de la ciudad. Un Bilbao entre el recuerdo de la contaminación industrial y el de la era de la información y las nuevas tecnologías.

MEM trabaja desde un imaginario cyberpunk, ese cruce de la higiene de la tecnología punta con el paisaje que nos rodea de manera cotidiana, de ruinas industriales, contaminación y ruido…nuestro paisaje más próximo. Aunque Bilbao a día de hoy se presente a través del Museo Guggenheim y el Parque Tecnológico de Zamudio los espacios elegidos están enclavados en el corazón de la ciudad y conservan la memoria de la Villa, planteándonos simultáneamente nuevos retos.

MEM cruza las ideas antes mencionadas entre Bilbao y la tecnología punta con la herencia del punk, el "do it yourself" y lo contracultural con elementos de reflexión y crítica.